LEXON Tape Winders

Magnetic Type for Raffia Products

Lexon WindicaLexon Windica

Model WINDICA magnetic tape winder is ideally suitable for medium and low output tape extrusion plants. It winds precision cross wound packages with fair tension regulation over the built up diameter.

The design is based on reduced number of moving parts and low frictional and inertial loads. This results in significantly lower maintenance and power consumption as compared to any other magnetic winder available in the market. Unique features like fixed motor-swinging disc design, hardened steel cam and specially designed motor set this winder apart from conventional magnetic winders.

TECHNICAL DATADownload Brochure
Speed Control Magnetic Drive
Tension Adjustment Balance Weight
Tape Width** 1.8mm to 4mm
Denier** 400 to 2000
Traverse 200mm
Core Tube Dimensions
Inner Diameter* 35mm
Outer Diameter* 40mm
Length* 218mm
Winding Speed** 120-300 MPM
Max. Bobbin Diameter 150mm
Space Configuration
Spindles per structure 20
Layout 5 High,4 Across
Frame Size (LxW)mm 2090x610mm

* Special versions on request. ** Max values may not be combined


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