Jumbo Winder Series

Jumbo Winder Series

LEXON Jumbo Tape Winders

For Raffia & Rope Products

Jumbo Tape Winders are designed to produce bigger packages of heavy denier tapes used in Raffia and Rope industry. These rugged versions of inverter driven tape winders are compatible to work with modern tape extrusion plants and high speed wide width flat looms. Traverse cam is made from hardened steel for a long life and the winding tension is adjustable through a spring loaded dancer arm. High output, optimum winding quality, low power consumption and lower maintenance are the salient features of Jumbo Tape Winders. The multiple deck construction offers space saving.

Models L 250 M, L 300 M Jumbo Tape Winders are designed for producing large packages of flat, folded, multiple or fibrillated Raffia tapes for weaving heavy and wide fabrics on flat looms. These models are available in structures of 12 Winders each in a layout of 4 tiers.

Models L 303 D, L 306 D, L 330 M, L 340 M Jumbo Tape Winders are designed for producing large packages of flat, folded, crushed or fibrillated tapes for ropes and twines. Package length of 300 mm, outer diameters up to 400 mm and a denier range up to 1,00,000 are available in these models. Packages weighing from 8 to 24 kg can be produced on above models. These models are available in structures of 4 to 12 winders in layouts of 2, 3, 4 tiers.

TECHNICAL DATADownload Brochure
Product Raffia Tapes Raffia Tapes Danline Yarns Rope Tapes
Model L 250 M L 300 M L 303 D/L 306 D L 330 M/340 M
Traverse 250 mm 300 mm 300 mm 300 mm
Outer dia 280 mm 300 mm 300 mm 300/400 mm
Denier** 400 to 3000 400 to 3000 3000/6000 Max. 100000
Speed m/min 200-425 200-425 100-200 80-160
Package wt. 8-10 kg. 12 kg 12 kg. 12/24 kg.
Speed control 3 phase frequency inverter
Wind ratio Preselected using timer belt pulleys
Tension adjustment Adjustable spring loaded dancer arm
Core cube 90 ID x 104 OD x 270/330 mm
Yarn Flat, folded, multiple, fibrillated and crushed tapes


* Special versions on request. ** Max values may not be combined


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