L200 Series

L200 Series

LEXON Tape Winders

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Series L 200 inverter driven Tape Winders (earlier known as Inverta 45) are an ideal choice for producing high quality precision cross wound packages of flat/fibrillated tapes. They are compatible to work with modern high speed tape extrusion plants and circular looms. They are designed to give high output, optimum quality, reduced wastage and lower downtime. The structures offer space saving layouts.

Model L 200 M Tape Winder is the basic inverter driven winder with a preselected wind ratio using timer belt pulleys. Simple construction and reduced moving parts make it a low maintenance winder. Lower frictional and inertial losses in the mechanism ensure a low power consumption. Yet, the high performance to price ratio is the most attractive feature of this Winder

Model L 200 E Tape Winder is equipped with an electronic gearbox to automatically vary the wind ratio (crossing angle) as the diameter of the wound package increases. This ensures unwinding of package at constant tension at higher pick speeds thereby resulting in minimum width variation of the woven fabric. This winder has 2 sets of energy efficient induction motors and frequency drives to control the speeds of winding spindle and cam independently. Winding tension on spring loaded dancer arm is adjustable with a graduated knob. Reduced cam speed results in lower power consumption and longer service. A length measurement and annunciation device facilitates producing packages of equal preset lengths thereby eliminating wastage of leftover tapes in unwinding. Quick, easy and online recipe configuration provides optimum winding quality of a wide variety of tape widths and deniers.

TECHNICAL DATADownload Brochure
Model L 200 M L 200 E
Speed Control 3 Ph Freq. Drive 3 Ph Freq.
Wind Ratio Mechanical Electronic Variable
Tape Width** mm 1.8 to 4 1.8 to 4
Denier** 400 to 2000 400 to 2000
Traverse 200 mm 200 mm
Core Tube Dimensions
Inner Diameter* 35 mm 35 mm
Outer Diameter* 40 mm 40 mm
Length* 218 mm 218 mm
Winding Speed** 200-425 M/min 200-500 M/min
Max. Bobbin Diameter 130 mm 140 mm
Space Configuration
Spindles per Frame 28 12
Layout 7 high, 4 Across 6 high, 2 Across
Floor space (LxW mm) 1672 x 575 1031 x 775


* Special versions on request. ** Max values may not be combined


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